Build An Arched Cabin For Under $4,000

Have you ever considered building a small cabin - but weren't sure where to begin?

With this kit, it can be much, much simpler than you might have imagined. In fact, you could have a completed arched cabin by the end of the weekend - and for less than $4,000!

This company specializes in arched cabins, and their kits, for a cabin of 14' by 20', will fit right in your backyard.

You can use the cabin as an extra guest room, as a home office, or as a studio or workshop. Regardless of what you want it for, you can rest assured that construction is simple and inexpensive!

Check out the photos and video below for more!

    Community of studios connected by decking 

Erecting the steel ribs and roofing

Framing the end caps

Interior of a 14×20 studio 

Interior view of completed end cap with A/C unit installed 

Finished end cap from the interior 

Completed exterior build without end caps 

Learn more in the video below:

14′ x 20′ Arched Cabin Kit = $4000

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