Horizon’s Organic DHA Milk Contains Corn-Syrup-Fed Algae

The Washington Post reports that Horizon’s organic milk contains an oily substance made from out of industrially grown algae. 

The DHA algal oil made with this algae is sold as a nutrition enhancement due to its abundance in omega-3 fatty acids and is within Horizon’s DHA Omega-3 organic milk. The Schizochytrium algae thats used is able to replicate 5-9 times a day when given corn syrup, in comparison to the usual algae that replicates itself once a day. 

The Post writes,“The oil allows Horizon to advertise health benefits and charge a higher price.” Organic milk has more omega-3 fatty acids naturally than commercially sold milk due to regulations that mandate cows be grass-fed than fed grain; the adding ff algal oil artificially enhances the omega-3 fatty acids. Many industrial experts disagree with such a product that is being labeled as organic, when it really is all additives. 

A senior policy analyst, Charlotte Vallaeys, from Consumer Reports, told the Post that,

“When an organic milk carton says it has higher levels of beneficial nutrients, like omega-3 fats, consumers want that to be the result of good farming practices … not from additives made in a factory.” 

The presence of the oil in organic milk is in fault from a misinterpretation in 2012 of the federal regulations laid out by the USDA, which the Post reports the federal agency “quietly acknowledged” but still needs to implement a final rule. The Post wrote that the USDA “maintained the status quo – allowing the use of algal oil, among other things – in order not to ‘disrupt’ the market.”

Horizon milk with DHA algal oil is sold 30 cents more than regular Horizon milk. Horizon reports that 26 million gallons of DHA algal oil milk was sold last year, comprising of 14 percent of all organic milk sold. Costco’s Kirkland brand, along with many others, add in supplements to their milk to boost omega-3 levels, like refined fish oil. 

The milk that is delivered to Costco is sourced straight out of Aurora Organic Dairy. The Post has reported that, in May, the company had been failing to graze its cattle as mandated by regulations. This lack of grazing is displayed in the lower omega-3 levels in the milk in comparison to the other organic brands.

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